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nebf.com - The National Electrical Benefit Fund is the pension source of the NECA-IBEW team. NEBF is one of the biggest pension funds in the world, with more than $10 billion in assets. necaconnection.org -- this site is designed by NECA to attract customers who want to hire electrical contractors. It's a "Find A Contractor" service for building owners, construction developers, and many others. electri21.org - the web site of The Electrical Contracting Foundation, arm of the electrical construction industry. thequalityconnection.org -this is the "home" site for the NECA_IBEW partnership, which we call The National Labor-Management Cooperation Committee. neca-neis.org - the National Electrical Code is a safety code;all NECA and IBEW team members are committed to the NEC. Howerer, it does not specify "quality" installations. That's where the National Electrical Installation Standards kick in!
State Apprenticeship - This is Florida's offical apprenticeship web site - you can find other apprenticeship programs as well as job openings.

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