What are the Qualifications?

The minimum requirements are that you are 18 years of age, a High School graduate and have taken and passed one (1) full credit of Algebra.

Do I have to have any previous electrical Experience?

No electrical experience is necessary.

However, if you do have any experience, please bring proof of that experience (Letter of experience from an Electrical Contractor, W-2 or paycheck stub) with you to add to your application.

How do I get sealed transcripts?

Schools and the appropriate school districts are required to keep student records indefinitely. Please contact your High School and inquire about your records. They must be received by the Central Florida Electrical JATC in a sealed envelope. Records can be mailed directly to the Central Florida Electrical JATC.

What if my transcripts do not show Algebra?

The following courses are acceptable: Introductory Algebra (or any level of algebra higher than “pre-algebra”), Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Tech Math, Integrated Math, & Contemporary Math.

If none of the above are reflected on your transcripts you will need either take an Algebra Course at a local community college or complete the Electrical Alliance Tech Math Course.

I can't find my Diploma, what can I do?

We do not need your diploma, provided your transcripts clearly state your graduation date.

Do you accept foreign transcripts?

All foreign  transcripts must be officially translated to English and must reflect a full credit of Algebra. If the translation only reflects a Mathematics that is not specific enough to meet our criteria.

What does the Aptitude Test cover?

The Aptitude Test takes approximately 2 hours and covers reading comprehension and Algebra.

Can I get credit for past electrical work?

Yes, however proper documentation must be provided. Documentation can be letters of experience from Electrical Contractors or paycheck stubs/W2’s.

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