How Can I Become An Apprentice?

Each of the four types of electrical work share common skills and knowledge. Each also has other skills and knowledge, which are specific to that particular area of work. Because of these differences, each type of work has a different apprenticeship program associated with it. Basic requirements for becoming an apprentice in any of the programs are similar, however. The following are requirements for individuals applying to be accepted into any Central Florida Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Program (JATC). You must come to our office and to fill out an application.

  1. Minimum age 18 (proof with U S Passport or Birth Certificate)
  2. High School Education (Diploma or GED)
  3. One Year of High School Algebra (provide official transcripts)
  4. Drug Free (Test by JATC)
  5. Take an Aptitude Test
  6. Driver License and Social Security Card


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